CAT Tourniquet


First Aid Coach Sydney is now stocking the latest generation of the CAT Combat Application Tourniquet. The 7th generation has now the new Single Routing Buckle for faster application.



The CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) is a small and lightweight arterial tourniquet that completely occludes blood flow in an extremity. Used for the treatment of life-threatening bleeding, the CAT Tourniquet uses a Self-Adhering Band and a Friction Adaptor Buckle to fit a wide range of extremities combined with a one-handed windlass system. The windlass uses a free moving internal band to provide true circumferential pressure to an extremity. The windlass is then locked in place; this requires only one hand, with the Windlass Clip. The CAT Tourniquet also has a Hook-and-Loop Windlass Strap for further securing of the windlass during patient transport.


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